Just a website which is trying to reinvent the world’s education system

One of the websites that utterly inspires me is www.khanacademy.org. It’s just an easily navigated educational website. But it provides a world-class education for anyone, anywhere completely free and without registering. It has many good features.

The best two features I found out about the website that can deliver over 300 million lessons on it, also delivers the lessons with 30 languages. I also heard about some Burmese volunteers are translating into the Burmese language too, www.khanacademyburmese.org. In addition, 10 million students can access to it per month.

Definitely, it sounds interesting website for me. Its founder Salman Khan is also an interesting guy. He is an Indian-Bangladesh mixed blood guy. He was born and raised in America. He has an excellent in Computer science, Electrical Engineering, and Business educations from the MIT and the Harvard. He began tutoring his relatives and friends on YouTube. Then he quitted from his hedge fund analyst job from a capital firm. Then he started Khan Academy website, now it has significant funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ann and John Doerr, Lemann Foundation, Google, and others.

One of the weak points is that the students who lack the digital literacy skills can face difficult to use the website. However, we can fill this gap with the trainers.

In conclusion, I think this is an excellent educational website if you are working in the local schools or NGOs, you should check it out and consider to use the learning materials from the Khan Academy to full-fill your teaching to students to practice e-learning to students.